LeaderQuest delivers tailor made training, coaching and consultancy services to a wide variety of organizations in proft and non-profit sectors (see here for a list). We use state of the art methods and techniques, like Relationship (System) Intelligence™. Read more...

What can you expect from our services:

■ Inspiring and effective leadership

■ Teambuilding Plus!©; teambuilding, but not the usual way.…

■ More focus on teams (‘team spirit’) and the ‘whole’ organization

■ Improvement of client satisfaction, longer and deeper relationships

■ Improvement of Employee Engagement (retention)

■ Improvement of Positivity and Productivity

■ Less silos or ‘islands’ within an organization

■ Enjoying Diversity as an opportunity

■ Responsibility and Respons-Ability

■ Skillful management of conflicts

■ More effective communication

■ More loyalty, less sick leave

■ Better co-operation

and above all

■ Measurable results !

■ Long-lasting results !

■ Solutions embedded and anchored deep in your organization !

Here's more information for individuals… Personal and Executive Coaching

Heres more information for Teams and Organizations…

Heres more information about our Leadership Program in Norway (“Creating from Nature”)

We have also designed a wide variety of Workshops & Trainings (open courses and in company) and Leadership journeys.

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