The Strawberry Story

This is a story about our Logo, our Mission and much, much more...

I hear you thinking; what the heck is this, heart shaped strawberries in a corporate logo? Yes!

Now, are you judging? If so, are you willing to approach this story with an open mind, without assumptions or preconceived thoughts? Just think of this; who knows what is good and what is bad?!

So why the strawberries? The strawberry is just a strawberry, the rest is what you make up. And here’s what I have made up: The strawberry is a symbol of,transformation, passion & intimicy.change,

Just think of it; how do you eat a strawberry? Hmmm, I bet that 9 out of 10, you just eat them; you take a bite, chew and swallow. Conscious or unconscious?

Now imagine, simply just imagine, what other ways there are to eat a strawberry? How would you BE, if you were to eat a strawberryin a sensual way, so sensual that you have never tried before?

Ha! Well, that was exactly what happened to me a couple of years ago. I was in a training and had to amplify my hidden capacities of... Don Juan! For that, I tried to eat a strawberry in a sensual way with one of the trainers. Believe me; I felt very clumsy, uncomfortable, embarrassed, and even started to sweat.

What was I so afraid of? What would you be afraid of when eating a strawberry in such a sensual way? Nothing? Or can you feel an internal struggle? Do you hear your saboteur, your ‘famous’ inner voice saying ”you cannot do that, what would other people say, what would other people think”?! Can you feel the boundaries of your comfort zone? I sure did!

After many more training courses, some personal growth and transformation, participating in the same exercise, with the same trainer, this time... the trainer was the one sweating, not me :-).

Dealing with reconveived thoughts, assumptions, limiting beliefs and fear is key in leadership.LeaderQuestis stretching these boundaries.

The Logo & Mission
Why two strawberries in the logo? The two strawberries stand forpolarity;femininity and masculinity. We all have both parts inside of us. It is up to us how we want to use both sides. Enjoy this diversity, dare to play with it. Are you feeling the discomfort again? We challenge you to feel the fear and do it anyway, risk looking like a fool and live life fully.

Why heart shaped? We believe that human beings are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. We also believe that sustainable change must come from within; leadership from the inside out. Being present, in the 'Here and Now', coming from theheart, not forgetting the ratio of course. Unfortunately most of the time we see it the other way round, especially in organisations.

Our mission is to serve organisations with change from within. Teach them how to absorb the constant change, because there is nothing else; change is the only constant! Empower the full potential of human beings in organizations and bring teams ‘alive’; after all we are human BEINGS, not human Doings!

Yes, our passionate approach comes from a place ofcompassion. Our change & transformation come from a place of compassion, and we make a difference with our approach and methods, coming from a place of compassion. Speaking of compassion; please don’t forget your Self and ”Do unto You as You Do unto Others” (take a moment, to really let this sentence sink in).

And the Saturn ring system? The ring symbolizes connection. Connection with Self, Others and with Mother Earth.

The World seems at an edge; nature rocks our boat over and over again with vulcanos, earthquakes, tsunamies, flooding & draught at the sametime, globally. A tsunami in Japan litterly impacts the whole world. A spark in Tunesia ignites the Middle East and beyond. Waves of global crises keep rolling in. Change is all around us. We can no longer deny that we are all interconnected, in relationship. What is trying to happen is becoming more and more important in stead of what ‘must’ happen. How will you deal with all this as a leader?

We believe that the world needs more leadership, different leadership; effective and inspiring leadership, leadership from within, with compassion and connection. Conscious and intentional. For the sake of making this world a better place.

Obvious the big dot in the ring symbolizes the Globe. We want to make a difference in this world. We believe we don’t serve anybody by playing small. You don’t serve anybody by playing small. We also want to Walk our Talk and BE the change in the world (Gandhi).

Noticed the green leafs of the strawberries and the green tagline saying“a passion for change”? Green is of course the color of Nature. If we want to be in right relationships, conscious and intentional, we cannot forget our relationship with Nature. “Live, love and leave a legacy”. What is the legacy you want to leave behind, today, tomorrow? How do you want to be in relationship with Nature? How is Nature in relationship with you?

Some cultures believe that Mother Earth has all the answers for our (Vision)Quests.QuestLeaderorganizes from time to time new leadership journeys bases on these foundations. We believe there’s a lot to learn from Nature and that it’s time to pay back.

Once again, welcome to The Strawberry Story!

Now that you have read this, this story is stored in your ‘left brain’. Experiencethe strawberry story yourself and it will also be stored in your right brain. And with that, next time you see a strawberry, chances are big that you will remember this story and connect it toLeaderQuest. We use similar methods of neuroscience and ‘experiental learning’ in our approach, for longer lasting results. Mostly without strawberries... :-).

This Strawberry Story is a personal story. A story about leadership, change, passion, hope and dreams. It is what it is though, the rest is all made up; made up by me.

What is your story? Make it up, dare to dream. Dream big. Are you ready for your future? Is your team ready? We are thrilled to guide you, your team, your organization on the journey for excellence in leadership, relationships and results.

Strawberry fields forever!

Warm regards,


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